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Business models increasingly become the preferred user out

As people's living standard is rising, car rental travel have gradually entered into the homes of ordinary people, and become a fashion of the masses in recent years consumer demand.

1. some travel agency focusing on self-development and social responsibility of enterprises, strengthen internal management, and strive to improve service levels. Seriously implementing the National Tourism Administration issued travel outbound tourism services quality, model contracts, domestic tourism outbound tourism model contracts and other rules and regulations, strengthen internal management.

2. improved regulations, divides the line product marketing and after-sales service processes, to develop chain operations, consolidated their stores to identify and design, enhancing the degree of standardization. Enhanced reception strength.

3. focus on using the Internet platform, develop advanced Internet booking system to facilitate ties with overseas counterparts to facilitate residents in my city online application; and constantly develop new products; focus on Government, business and other high-end consumer, with high value-added services, to achieve better business performance.

Shanghai car rental company's experts can say that important carriers as people travel travel agency, has become a part of public life is not available or it is. If your vehicle needs, Sheng Yu car rental companies come on! We look forward to your coming!