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Car rental category contains wide service is in place along with the

author one of his former friend turned out to be a full-time driver of the institution in Shanghai, but he and his colleagues recently transferred to another Department. Listen to the author's friends said they use the car all to, including buying a car to a later maintenance, relief, and even drivers. Most important is easy, fast and cheaper!

    select car rental Shanghai, take the form of rent match length, average monthly pay was about 7000 can, in one year, about 80,000 yuan can settle. Integrated rental also has a good 3-5 years after the car returned to the leasing company and then buy a new car, vehicles can do updates in a timely manner.

    lease amount greater cost savings more like a need for 170 vehicles large enterprise, originally a year to 20 million or 30 million yuan of fixed assets investment, selection, now a year just 2~10% lease administration fee can.

    rent a car has many advantages, for example, it can bring many car services, eg: repair, maintenance, relief, etc. Industry analysts say, it's like a car Butler, can enjoy professional management and service vehicles.

    just 3 years time, rental vehicles from hundreds of car "grows" to today's more than 1000 vehicles, almost to grow exponentially each year, why targeting sensitive variety of car rentals is one of the new ways.

    the threshold of the Shanghai car rental is very high, such as enterprises must have strong brand support, but also have a sound network of services, if the lack of new car purchase, repair, maintenance, relief, powerful network support such as used cars, it's hard to really reduce the cost of car.

    listening to a friend's details, I understand, Shanghai car rental companies than the original capacity, a wide range of services, whether to buy a car, rent a car or chauffeur service, Shanghai car rental service.