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Car rental industry prompts you to common sense about the cars skin problems

1, prevention is not a common way of electric shock is also very simple, Shanghai car rental drive go and wash my hands before going out, a good way is to release the body of static electricity. With limited time, you can also hold keys, click on the metal parts of the keys in the car door, opened the door after the end, comparison between two metal discharge, so as not to bring you discomfort when the release of static electricity. Need to care about is, do not use the key to discharge, because many car keys with an anti-theft chip, by virtue of car keys when you discharge a car anti-theft chip inside the key may be lost.

2, more water from its own internal guard against static electricity better. More water can strengthen skin's humidity, static electricity is difficult to appear in a moist State. In addition, inside and outside the vehicle to reduce the use of chemical fiber products, synthetic clothing is very prone to static electricity, especially in the dry winter season, easier to put on static electricity.

3, wash the car, or the selection of anti-static special car wax, is one of the anti-static effective methods. There is an anti-static spray cans, is also very convenient to use, as long as the spray evenly in the car, and then wiped with a towel aerosol on the line. But both of these methods have certain timeliness and in need of regular operation.