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Car rental simple prevention tips, practical, convenient

for some novice friends are for, are know current market surface Shang development of can be described as is news and stability, but often car rental of friends are may no a is didn't Shang excessive of's, on industry in the of some habitual trick probably are has numb has, here Shanghai car rental experts also is to reminded novice friends are, car rental of when to carefully this three points trick.

auto leasing industry development industry as a novelty, there is competition, governance issues such as irregular, Shanghai car rental to criminals to stand in the wings. To that end, early warning information published recently by the Public Security Bureau criminal investigation experts, reminded the general public at the time of car rental contracts with others should be done carefully and pay special attention to the following three points:

comprehensive registered at rental car customers personal information, went through the car rental provides identity card, driver's license. Is established to guarantee mortgages, eg: money, property, mortgages, or the implementation of guarantee the guarantor and guarantor of assurance verification. To install a global positioning system, can know at any time the car went, you can ensure that found the car in a short time, reduce unnecessary losses.

thus, through on car rental further of understand we know, found car rental industry also far no no imagine in the of development so good, industry in the everywhere full with scam and wrongful phenomenon, slightly not watch on will fall cheated, then on inevitably will on industry lost confidence, this is we are not willing to see of, so some common trick of understand also is has necessary of.