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Cars of frustrated predecessors taught you static method

winter of coming, brings has a unit unit strong of wind, so market makes people of vehicles using into has peak, while constantly using of vehicles also on we of maintenance work proposed has more high of requirements, although we of maintenance can at any time followed up, but some small problem of appeared also is let we is annoying, especially in winter this temperatures low, climate dry of season.

    friends will encounter many driving the car door without conscious circumstances, although current small but in the case of not paying attention will be surprised. Especially now that winter weather is more likely to be, and sometimes can see the spark. So how will the Elimination of car static?  Shanghai car rental companies ask for 4S shop, maintenance of professional personnel Master Li, Li Shifu Description: this is not a fault.

when human contact when the vehicle, you can use key-touches the body first, or with carry-on bags of such items to touch the body, so that you can eliminate static electricity. Second, you can use the chain-type electrostatic discharger, the truth is that through its internal metal wire inside the vehicle on static electricity transmitted to the discharge, through the air or ground transportation nature, achieve the objective of eliminating vehicle static.

    This shows that the winter temperature in dry, vehicles of these static electricity is relatively common. Shanghai car rental experts say that although not a fault, but whenever we were when our nervous and afraid at the moment, appears after the number will inevitably have an impact on our body and mind.