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Fitting squarely light experts teach you the simple identification

Auto being a sunrise industry in our country, in our country for so many years has been the Government's care and protection, the industry now has formed its own brand and grow. But, as in any industry, there are some negative factors hindering its development, the automotive industry is no exception, and accessories make many owners suffer, following expert-Cheng Yu would take you to meet holiday accessories.

    trademark is complete and clear. Compare crooked accessories, formal quality and patterns product packaging print better, some important parts such as the carburetor, Distributor, generator factory generally with instructions, such as certification. Has no name and is a registered trademark of on the accessory elements distinguish the true from the false.

    the part itself is broken, eg: rust, aging, cracking, deformation, workmanship quality, material quality is very close to home. Individual accessories see the workmanship and materials are not the easiest throw, can best be compared with the original car parts. Touch the hand: some movable parts, such as bearings, hinge can work, too loose, too tight has problems. Rubber components elastic, smooth surface smoothness is the reference point.

    poor brakes due to material causes hard or soft skills can cause abnormal wear of the brake disc and the brake distance long, too soft will wear very quickly, even at a high temperature drop caused by brake failure. Oil containing additives to clean, lubrication, sealing, oxidation resistance and so on to achieve balance. Crude oil processing, as well as its lubricating effect can not achieve the vehicle using standard, likely to cause abnormal wear of the engine.

    above Shanghai car rental experts introduced of some fake accessories of identification, understand has some they of judge method, absolute is hundred Lee and no a victims, if fake accessories living in market Shang, will to we of car industry brings of effect will cannot imagine, while will to we of security brings how of threat, hope related sector introduced some hard of provides, To bundle these adverse developments.