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For a long time "holiday" vehicles, that you need to do the necessary maintenance

On November 29, 2011: long "vacation" that stopped the vehicle for a long time, as a result of weathering and the Assembly and progressive deterioration of the Agency's technical condition, out of the original performance. In order to alleviate this negative impact, the owner should always "leave" the vehicle to carry out the necessary conservation work, to keep them in good health.  

1, to prevent the ageing of rubber products

     automotive rubber products, eg: tires, belts and dust cover, often aging, expansion or, cause performance go bad, the service life is shortened.  

ageing of rubber products, mainly for rubber is not full of higher hydrocarbons, likely to draw oxygen from the air and oxidation, while there is a certain air of Vulcanized rubber, easy access to the internal oxidation of oxygen. Especially direct sunlight, can accelerate the rapid ageing of the rubber. After the rubber was contamination by petrol, oil, can cause volume expansion, glue quality loose elasticity.

for the prevention of ageing of rubber products should contact avoid direct sun light and mineral oil.

2, against rust

corrosion is the main culprit in the air moisture, oxygen, and corrosive substances resulting from the interaction of. Therefore, the term "leave" the Shanghai car rental, and clean metal surfaces should be maintained. Parking garage within the regular maintenance of ventilation, air relative humidity is maintained at 70%. Required to eliminate dust, dirt and moisture on the car. In premises which easily rust and mechanical surfaces should be coated with oil, grease, or wrapped in oiled paper. For cracks on the various Assembly bodies should be sealed, avoid water and dust into the air, inside.

3, prevent mildew in cotton products and carpets

easily absorb water. Especially in moist areas and places of rain, more wet mildew. Therefore owners of cotton products are often "medical examination" and timely drying, dry.

4, to prevent petrol antiknock performance

gasoline antiknock performance dominates the octane level of gasoline. Car long "vacation, the octane level of gasoline as the light component losses fell and resin content increased, so that its anti-knock quality reduced. Therefore, the petrol tank to be tightly closed and avoid overheating. Gasoline stockpiles had better not take a long time.

5, always check the working conditions of the engine

recommendation engine at least once a month, idle 4-5min, engine operation "artificial medical business." If there is abnormal and needs adjusting, repair.