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Market competition gets worse converted to promote ideas of trend in the car rental industry

Christmas is coming, current, full coverage on most of the models is, individual companies for winter travel safety and consumer convenience, also rental vehicle with snow tires, but when danger, every solution is different.

some car rental companies as long as the rental vehicle accident, to require that the amount of rental subsidy loss 30%~40% vehicle depreciation costs, if scraping, higher depreciation expense subsidies, individual rental car company to 50%. "Scraping, damage to the car, in your vehicles for sale may also affect the price, so we request as long as danger need to lease hand car wreck.

rental cars with the travel agency market competition is a serious, a small travel agency focusing on self-development and social responsibility of enterprises, strengthen internal management, and strive to improve service levels. Travel agencies travel agencies fulfill the implementation of national tourism administration issued outbound travel service quality model contracts, domestic tourism, outbound tourism model contracts and other regulations and rules and internal management of the value-added. B is the travel agent concerned to build their own brand, and form a broad influence.

car rental companies set up "integrity, professionalism, innovation" and other corporate culture system, and complete management system, refined lines all aspects of product marketing and after-sales service, to develop chain operations, consolidated their stores to identify and design, enhancing the degree of standardization. Three travel agencies in order to enhance tourist satisfaction as the goal, enhance service awareness, enhance the reception strength. Four travel agencies conduct a variety of operations, to strain the market challenges and visitor needs.

important carriers as people travel travel agency, Shanghai car rental has become the content of the non-public life is not. Travel booming and increasingly mature, are reflected from one aspect of the new China in the past 60 years, people's living standards have been greatly improved.