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Models chose to combine a number of factors see

With the development of the car rental industry, has now become the first choice for going out, and to Italy of people's travel requirements, all the major car rental companies are available in different models to choose from, so when we made the car look at models to open it?

     different drive way of good; according to power drive way, car can is divided into "four round driven", "engine Qian reset, and rear axle driven", and "engine Qian reset, and Qian bridge driven", "engine Hou reset, rear axle driven" four species:  four round driven way most with in some SUV Shang, benefits is makes before and after round are has driven force, traction big, through sex strong, adhesion big, stability good, Body and drive system of plate thicker than the sedan,   high safety factor, suitable for cross country. But the disadvantage is that weight and poor fuel economy.

     vehicles as heavy as possible fuel consumption; saving standpoint, proportional to the vehicle weight and fuel consumption, weight cars more fuel, using a relatively poor economy. Small weight of the vehicle increases by 80 pounds more fuel consumption 1%. But since major auto fast turning and the advantages of better stability under braking conditions, prone to "fire" phenomenon.

     car rentals and property law; the absolute nature of the right of property right to changes required to comply with publicity and public trust principles. In accordance with the principles of publicity, the inner changes of real rights shall be reflected in external, the third party can be found. Property changes should due to legal publicity, publicity, real estate notes, for the delivery of movable property.

     can be, when we were in the rental vehicle selection is actually more to see our actual needs, including distance, traffic, personnel and other factors combine to determine. Car rental experts remind: the details described above are worth our attention, this is when we were in the rental must be complied with.