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Remember safety first don't play holiday travel over

     Christmas vacation always are on a self drive holiday peak season. Noted that this year's market is more flourishing than in previous years, during the long holiday, but don't overlook safety problems in car travel. Light car rental car in a may day holiday is a peak, Shanghai car rental companies vehicle maintenance in advance, to ensure that all rental cars on the road in good condition.

consumer vacation rental self drive travel, rental cars should pay attention to the following points:

selection of major brands of car rental companies of trouble for consumers a lot of vehicles, vehicle maintenance and routine maintenance are not defending. Of an international chain car rental car rental brands, with regular vehicle maintenance, for a major rental car safety is guaranteed.

long vacations, weekend car rental reservation early; Shanghai car rental recommended that consumers go to short like Dongting Lake self-driving car rental, can be difficult to get a car reservation early so as to avoid the weekend scene. Car rental reservation 24 hours in advance by phone and network in General, Basic you can ensure that vehicle demand.

car insurance to lower risk recommendations have always purchased books can often drive the selection to reduce risk. If an accident, you can call the car's 24-hour emergency telephone, staff will guide the completion of accident claims.

for opportunites to consumers abroad, Shanghai car rental service is preferred. If there is demand, go to Shanghai car rental companies choose a suitable car, customize a tour GUI driving green, let all work, all enjoying a relaxing good time.