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Rental cars petrol costs of new ways to solve old problems

now for people to cars is easy, the only difficulty is in gas problems. The spending power of the public now are not responsible for expensive car upkeep, so most people will select a taxi to your destination. Now the economic capacities of the public view, boarding a taxi money for most people are not very expensive, so now the taxi industry is guaranteed especially when it rains, is the taxi fire time. Now of taxi driver service attitude is good, charges also properly, than yiqian good has many, but actually inner mean is if taxi driver of service attitude is poor, often and "slaughter sheep child", so taxi driver may on no income can statements--we can patience bus of driver angry, because today car is most main of transport, and price also low, but we may can scolded taxi driver service attitude bad, charges not reasonable, such on makes taxi industry by create.

Wenzhou rent a car there has been "traumatic" do? The issue would upset a lot of people. Routine auto maintenance knowledge of car rental Shanghai share some practical tips for you, yourself can easily get.

light inadvertently draw road car paint scratches, caused heartburn for many vehicle owners are not yourself, if one scratches to repair some paint and a waste of money, car rental Shanghai teach you practical skills easily in addition to scratches.

baths scratches and clean with water, and then take a clean cloth or towel, dip small amounts repeatedly at the scratch gently wipe the toothpaste, after treating the scratches disappear or decrease with a wet towel to dry.

Auto leather seats the most fear of corrosion cleaning agent. Past car beauty shops to be cleaned, use foam-eliminate pollution agents, after drying the leather hard, and there is a small crack.

Talc powder coating in the automotive door seal noise disappear without a trace.

Wenzhou rental cars car door seals moist and paint adhesion after the rain, open is not suitable with "squeaking" sound. Available on TALC coated rubber joints in the door, the symptoms can "evaporate".

wind eradication of stickers. Sticky posts in the various proven very wrong on the windscreen removed. Self-adhesive stickers coloured patterns on the back, after instant shade to dry cloth to rub off, leaving no trace.

over Wenzhou rental cars to share small ambulance cheats, I take the time to learn, and it won't be long before you can learn, after that when his car deliberately, they don't have to go to 4S shops can easily solve yourself. No money, cars and "diagnosis" was good.