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Security also requires careful maintenance of the did you know?

Winter of coming, to from by wind of blows, makes we of vehicles makes again into has peak, while winter is vehicles driving security accident high sent of period, many people in test license of when, coach are said belt of importance, and a car on command Department Shang belt, and in reality life in the, many people on often not attention these, following Shanghai car rental experts on to explanation Xia belt of maintenance.

     most owners simply think that wearing seat belts is "over pressure" on the line. In fact, the correct approach is to let safety belts from left shoulder and clavicle Middle after pulling it over, shoulder height must not be less than, the best high 0.05~0.1M. Routine maintenance work in the car, seat belt maintenance is often neglected.

     usually should always check the safety belt performance, if found to be damaged should be updated in a timely manner, all constant on the floor next to the Chair seats, safety belts should be required to tighten bolts, bolts should be coated with sealant in the vicinity. When seat belts too dirty, use soft soap and water for cleaning liquid with a cloth or sponge. Expert tips for car owners, if your car's seat belt use has been hosted in a strong pull straight load, even if it is not damaged and should be replaced, for safety reasons, please do not continue to use it.  

     This shows that belts as part of our road safety is the most important safeguard, we play a vital role in the driving, cars such as BMW, through seat belts and air bags combined with speed more than 100 yards to the situations to ensure people's safety, car rental experts caution: make sure you focus on seat belt use and maintenance.