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Shared rental car insurance to control when the vehicle rules

December 07, 2011: insurance vehicle accidents caused by others in their use (third party) personal survival or the liability of the direct destruction of property. Kinds of insurance for third party liability insurance for the State. Crash or hit people are most afraid of when driving, loss of your car don't count, had to spend large sums of money to compensate for the losses of others.

responsible for the original natural disaster or accident resulting in a loss of the vehicles themselves. This is the major vehicle insurance coverage. And not the kind of insurance you need to weigh its effects. If not, post collision repairs all by self responsible.

but at the same time insuring the vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance, be insured on the basis of this insurance. For this special insurance of motor vehicle accident compensation insurance, its fit within a specified amount of compensation calculated according to the basic insurance terms of the deductible amount, the insured car rental Shanghai. In other words, after transmission of this insurance, in case of losses related to vehicle accident insurance and third party liability insurance, all paid for by the insurance company.

its value is now: do not protect this kind of insurance, insurance companies in compensation for CDW and third party liability insurance in the context of the losses is to distinguish between the responsibility of: If you take all responsibility and compensation 80%; 85% that primary responsibility; bear equal responsibility to pay 90%; bear secondary responsibility 95%. Accident loss and 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, need to cut your own wallet. Do not include additional risks include the entire vehicle stolen rescue, vehicle liability insurance, no-fault liability insurance, vehicle-mounted cargo dropped separate liability insurance, glass breakage, loss of spontaneous combustion of stop loss insurance, vehicle insurance, loss of new equipment.

liable insurance vehicles stolen, robbed, robbed resulting in the total loss of the vehicle, as well as the original vehicle damage or car parts, ancillary equipment loss caused by loss. Vehicle loss compensation from insurance companies to get the real value of the vehicle 80%. If the insured is missing car keys, 5% less compensation will only be 75% in compensation.

responsible for insurance in case of accident caused by personnel on personal survival and the car contained liability of the direct destruction of the goods. In the insured vehicle due to traffic accidents and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians, cause casualties and direct property destroyed and insurance of vehicles would not be liable. If the insured person refuses compensation failed, the insured has been paid to the other party and unable to recover costs, insurance companies in accordance with the treatment of road traffic accidents and danger of local rules of the road traffic accident disposal provision in the insurance policy contained within the limit of the insurance reimbursement calculation of compensation. Compensation for 20% absolute excess at a time.