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Traffic events to note: tie the "security belt" haunted driving less during the rainy season

&Nbsp;    weather the volatility has become "business as usual", walled in Shanghai car rental experts remind: rent a user should try to avoid vehicles through deep standing water road. Must not attempt to start the vehicle in the water rushing out, or your engine has a cylinder of water burst of danger, then you have to take the garage large consumption of a back. Driving during the rainy season, Shanghai car rental expert to tell you some tips:

     the correct solution is, no matter how much rain, so have to get off and push the car to where there is no water, and see if the air filter inlet, proved no and start again, or just find a repair shop or call roadside assistance.

     car rental company in accordance with the CDW insurance responsibilities set out by heavy rain, flooding, loss of the insured vehicle, comply with the provisions of the insurance contract be liable for compensation. But at the same time specifying the insured vehicle due to flooding or engine damage resulting from Wade, the insurance company does not pay. But the following can be awarded:

    1. after soaking, gearbox, engine, clean oil changes can be compensated;

    2. soak in water, and cause damage to the cortex of leather seats, after the insurance company check, according to the soaking time valuation of compensable loss.

    3. after soaking, car upholstery, carpets and so on have dirt or mud, can contact the insurance company, seeks compensation for cleaning;

    4. soaking in water, resulting in plug, bass lines, such as lack of electricity, after testing by the insurance company, recognized as failures due to flood-soaked, compensation is payable;

     season traffic problems during the rainy season, driving car rental Center has collected some rainy day note, for reference, I hope to bring you some easy driving on a rainy day!