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Service guarantee

good service,

•   the drivers polite enthusiasm, smiling passengers.  

•   vehicle appearance clean and tidy, no bad odor. Drivers do not smoke in the driving process and no bad behavior.  

•   drivers offer passengers switch door assist passengers on and off. Initiative to help the passengers to take luggage and help go through the relevant procedures and the provision of passenger information of interest.  

•   driver does not involve passenger privacy and trade secrets. On the premise of not in violation of State laws and regulations, to meet the passenger's needs.  

•   business appointment 15 minutes early arrived at the designated location.

•   to maintain vehicle appearance in good condition and meet rental purposes.

•   Web scheduling process monitoring, on duty for 24 hours. First asking duty system, allow you to rent a car without worry.

•   This website all vehicles as the company has deployed; no Allied vehicles. We provide full management authority for the passenger vehicles and their drivers; all available quality of service problems may make a complaint to us.

customer complaint notice

If you are on your vehicle and driver have any complaints, please call us immediately to solve it.

•   If the vehicle and your reservation does not comply, it must immediately inform the dispatcher, and not on board or as approved without objection for vehicles.  

•   health situation to vehicle are not satisfied, please notify dispatchers immediately; or clean driver directly on board or as authorized.  

•   drivers are not satisfied with, please phone the dispatcher of the incident we immediately ordered the driver to correct.  

•   fare for the settlement dispute, please contact your dispatcher immediately, any agreement reached with the driver privately are not recognized by the Shanghai car rental network.  

•   If the schedule changes, please notify dispatchers; temporary change, please consult with the driver.