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Bargain car will learn skills

1, sales tips-get wind of   removed: tell them, is about to release

common tricks get wind of the sales personnel. When we entered the store inquiries, sales people tend to ask, "when buying a car? Have you chosen? ”。 We need to tell the sales people is that we have chosen the car will do it for a few days. You know, only sales staff knows you're about to buy a car, is the target customer, will be the lowest price quote. Therefore, we have to let each other know that we are about to buy a car, and are looking for the lowest price.

2, sales strategies, "Buck"   remove: push

dealers were mostly set the sizes for different levels of sales discount privileges. When we talk about prices, sales people will often tell you, "I can only offer XX, if you want to buy at that price you will need to speak to our Manager." In this case, some consumers began giving up. As everyone knows, even if we are not in the shop car, it is necessary to seek a dealer's best offer where to draw the line. At this point, we can say a lot of cars in good faith, and told each other, "where are your manager? I'd like a Word with him. "Then, we can work with higher levels of sales manager about the price and offers for car purchases is expected to find out more.

3, sales strategies there is something   down: let the other side give a discount expected

some manufacturers for dealer sales and relatively strict price controls. Consumer enquiry in this reseller, tends to get the response, "manufacturers ' policies have been changing, our promotions approximately 1, 20,000." Faced with such vague reply, we are obviously not satisfied. But in fact, the sales staff due to the manufacturers policy, is reluctant to report prices. In this case, we might as well or you can retreat. We can ask, "you give me a discount expected. I recently bought a car, how much you are expected to offer? 20,000 money OK. "If the salesperson is not certain, nor does it negate. Well, apparently he's "probably" in the price range, maximum discount amount is present.

4, sales tips-Gifts Gift   split enrollment: assessing true value, determine whether the discount

when many consumers are talking about prices, dealers other than cash, will typically provide some discount purchases are given gifts. Of course, these gifts are also dealers of car preferences, and alleging that the value number. Under such circumstances, we must assess the real value of the gift and asked whether the gift can be discounted. If gifts are able to discount, then we can make a choice according to the actual situation.

5, sales tips-ask for phone   remove: generous, and note the contact information of the other party

many consumers reluctant dealers leave your telephone. In life, many dealers have some of "harassment" of suspicion. However, if we are really going to buy a car, leave your phone number also provides convenience for future bargaining. Left phone numbers for customers, distributors are mostly sent to track, and will occasionally ask. In the meantime, we can use these contacts, constantly seek the reserve price, and timing to buy.

6, sales tricks-hidden strings attached   remove: ask whether the naked car prices, or are there other conditions

some dealers to shop for customers to be able to offer low prices for very cool. But that dealers sometimes offer larger discounts at the same time, such as needed for garnish, must do 4S shop insurance conditions. At this time, we need to ask each other whether the price offered by the naked car prices. If not, to find out what the dealer can accept the conditions put forward by.

7, fried   remove: be careful not to rush shots

due to their relatively cheap price, some consumers are more in favor of the cars at the two distributors. But there are fried at the secondary distributors car owners. In the FRY family, many people instead of cars, and even better to the consumer need models of price is not clear. Faced with this seller, how can we get a more reasonable prices and services? Therefore, it is recommended that all car buyers to be careful at the two distributors, see, ask is the right way.

8, sales strategies after the car price is   removed: see net price of purchase tax, insurance-related

in the course of inquiries, to help consumers figure out car consumption, sales tend to form to help consumers when calculating the purchase costs. After the process is over, we might be the price still not satisfied and demanded more concessions from the sales. At this time, the salesperson may give some concessions on the purchase price. But we are fighting for is not on the purchase price of the concessions, but net price concessions. Because net prices are associated with taxes and insurance. As the net price is reduced, taxes and insurance will be reduced accordingly. Clearly, the net more favourable preferential prices for consumers.

9, skillful borrowing cycle car

cars at the time,, and at the end of the month a car is a good choice. But at the same time, the automotive industry is a highly cycle industry. If poor consumers in the auto industry boom car, then gained concessions tend to be high. Cycle times are good in the car in the car industry, consumers buying less favorable. Way to determine whether the auto industry's prosperity level, I think the easiest way is to look at shares of listed automobile company earnings. If the car price-earnings ratio is very low, that industry is in a boom phase. If the price/earnings ratio is extremely high, showed that weak auto sales, inventory pressure. Consumer purchase, and are often able to get surprises.