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Car mildew 7 Secrets

&Nbsp;    If you want to detect air circulation inside the car, you can do a little experiment: in a closed compartment and lit cigarette, two minutes later, the car filled with thick smoke. At this point, started the air circulation system in the car, if within a period of less than 30 seconds, has not see traces of smoke in the car, you can note the excellent air circulation.

     If you are allergic to pollen and dust, preferably in the air conditioning system installed in the dust and pollen filter, which is equivalent to wearing a safety and health "masks", dust, pollen and bacteria can be kept out of the car.

     Nanning rental network tips: ventilation system function is closely related to your health, for car time to breathe, make friends with the fresh air.

     car face luster

     some friends just driving back, carefully look at the car, you would be surprised to find that body a little tiny scratches. Don't worry, then you can use the polishing wheel combined with polishing and brightening agent, threw paint surface oxidation and fine scratches, while pharmacy into the paint, restore, and scratches removed, then paint guangyan as new. Of course, if the car body scratches have been revealing a primer, scratch repair shops to repair as soon as possible, so as not to scratch parts rust and corrosion around the paint. Professional scratch repair shop uses is proprietary refinishing without large area of spraying, but where compensation where, a scratch on the body, as long as thirty or forty minutes to fix, integration complete conformity with the original car paint colors, no color difference. You may wish to try.

   Nanning rental network tips: car's face is a big problem, it can affect your own credit.

     car clean like new

     opportunites returned cars often got dirty, so this time must do a good job cleaning. Most obvious is the body, the car parts are washed again with water, wetting in advance makes the dirt. Bonded solid dirt, bird droppings and dirt, use a scrub brush to wash with water to clean. In order from top to bottom with high pressure water flushing every part of the car, washing water pressure when the chassis should be larger.

     cars should be used when cleaning auto cleaning fluid, prolonged use washing powder or SOAP will cause the paint faded, serious or will corrode paint surfaces. If after using the cleaning solution to wash the car using water then rinse it again from beginning to end, to wash away the debris. Try not to light exposure, and hot when washing the car, which could easily lead to finish off.

     in addition to clean outside the body, but also pay attention to clean car interiors. Can be stained with a towel or sponge SUDS or detergent, scrub every corner of the dashboard. Dust collector dust before cleaning synthetic surfaces absorb and infiltration with a private textile cleaning agent for a few minutes until dust dissolved, then wipe with a towel. If there are no special cleaning agents could be changed with SOAP and water or tableware washing liquid. Leather products available towels a little scrub water, careful use of leather protection products, poor quality of protection not only can't play a protective role, but also damage the leather. Chrome-plated surfaces should be regularly cleaned in order to maintain its lightness, when chrome is found when the surface has been scratched, should be sealed to prevent rust continues to expand. We recommend that you purchase a car vacuum cleaner, to remove dust and microbes inside the car.

     Nanning rental network tips: bacteria active time is between winter and spring, regular cleaning helps to resist the attack of bacteria on your.

     let the car dry sanitation

     spring temperatures rise, coupled with the humidity, is a season of growth of bacteria multiply, so pay special attention to car interior against bacteria work, pay attention to keep the car interior dry sanitation, especially for the car seat, floor mats, carpet, outlet for these health corner to do cleaning work. In addition to regularly clean the junk in the trunk, placing because some of the stuff for a long time can result in mildew and then the unpleasant smell.

     turn on the air conditioner can be moisture-proof, without a car, can substitute desiccant dehumidification. Snow should be opened when the cold wind, and doing so can not only get rid of fog, and dehumidification function. In addition, the smooth flow of ventilation pipes, and breeding ground for odor. Outside of air conditioners dehumidifiers, inside the car, it is best to buy a simple desiccant cartridges so that part in difficult after the overnight moisture inside the car. Simple method, can be rolled up into a bundle of newspapers on the mats before and after or in the trunk, also has a dehumidifying effect. The trunk is easier for people to negligence on the part of, many people like some car wash tools and debris inside, especially places where the spare tire is more prone to filth, accumulated water flows easily into the grooves of the spare tire. Do not use for a long time, that portion of the sheet metal will rust and change a tire tool and eventually spread to the entire chassis parts. So the trunk is best not to put unnecessary clutter. In addition, the CD will have difficulties reading the movement, it is best to scrub every once in a while. In addition, because a lot of CD disc is loaded in the trunk of the car, in order to prevent sound wet, you can put a small dehumidifier in the trunk box.

     worth a mention of is, if car long-term stopped in open of parking, except door welding and the body welding part easy rust corrosion outside, door internal of hinge, and lock buckle, iron parts for was door ornaments Board cover, also easy damp, so in fine of when can find a cool of place, will all of door and the reserve van cover open, let car within of moisture discharge, and ventilation. Car foot mats, Chair cover is then removed to clean air.

     tips: a car is a mobile home, debris is not misplaced. Willow escape

    , you must always take a look at the engine radiator and see if it is covered with yangshumaomao, willow, hairy, once found, immediately clean the water tank. Don't wait for the car to "disorders" recall to repair, more money, and damage the car is really worth.  

     Nanning rental network tips: high wind days, yangshumaomao, willow, hairy waft everywhere, best for pressure gas blow radiator in front for about 10 days.

     air conditioning send fragrance

     winter driving, radiator, condenser surface covers large amounts of dust and catkins and other debris, which will cause the vehicle to produce high temperature and poor air conditioning and refrigeration effect, causing the air conditioning electric fan work long hours and easily damaged air conditioning, increased fuel consumption and vehicle, and you can also find the vehicle noise increases. In order to avoid this situation, should use high pressure air to clean water tank condensers superficial in the spring.

     Beijing spring wind, dust, but when the air conditioning duct and when excessive dirt and impurities on the surface of the evaporator, long time use a mildew occurs, in the case of the warm weather to breed bacteria. Open air will find that smell appeared at this time, so it can influence your health, so before you use air conditioning, in addition to the cleaning surface of the condenser box, also to clean sterilized air conditioning systems, air filter replacement. After this treatment, you can rest assured that the use of air conditioning.

     Nanning rental network tips: turn on the air conditioning if you smell the smell, that air conditioning should have cleaned up the

   was no place to shine by electrostatic

     and friends often have cars to drive to electrostatic, ranging from discomfort to accidents, especially this season, the air is very dry, then auto static in the larger. The spring will arrive soon in Beijing, windy day will ever come, at this time, it is best to do some preparation in advance to prevent electrostatic frequently visit your car.

     in General, automotive friction of static electricity from fabrics, chemical fiber products in particular, more friction, so choose kits, seat covers, seat cushions and other supplies, best use of leather, wool or cotton. As we all know, car wax with anti-static effect, of course, different kinds of car wax antistatic ability, now has a static private car wax on the market, prevention works well, you can give it a try. In addition, you can also use the static electrical discharge, are two types of electrostatic discharger, one air electrostatic discharger, the other is chain-type electrical discharge machines, it is best to put the two appliances combined.