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Car static Raiders

There are two main power switch when the door is, one is in contact with the human body itself is charged before the car, and cars to natural discharge, and, according to a person's health is different, charges are not the same, on the car with static electricity, people touch the car, it will have a discharge.

car has two main sources of static electricity, one fabric, such as carpet, seats, clothing and other friction; the other is that in the car while driving, friction between the dust in the air and the metal surface.

human generation of static electricity and the texture of the clothing worn by the US has a lot to do, and chemical fiber garments than cotton, linen and silk fabrics make it more likely that static electricity of human body, body carries static electricity, and there were no abnormal sensation, only touching the conductive objects such as metal to feel static electricity discharge to the unpleasant shocks.

while static electricity will not cause trouble, but the sudden invasion, or let the owners very uncomfortable. Especially in the cold, dry winter season, frequent raids of static electricity would cause people's psychological effects, in this issue, we've come to the Raiders owner car winter in static members, starting from this winter and you refused!   

     electrostatic RAID    annoying static everywhere

scene one:

she is ready to get off, just contact the door that moment, only to hear "Oh" sound, she quickly retracts the hands by static electricity and raw. Thereafter, she rubbed his numb hands, trying to find some wet stuff in the car and hands, but no wet wipes, wet towels in the car. Helpless, she must pluck up the courage to touch that makes her awesome metal objects, but this time she had no direct contact with your fingertips to the door, but try and touched with the back door, is confirmed only when there is no static long sigh to open the door.

scene two:

when the owners took out the key access to the doors of the moment, "POPs" twice, I saw the key point of contact with the door seemed to spark, a strong pain in the man quickly stepped back two steps, it is clear that he is static electricity.

scenario three:

a carpark, Liu got out, using a comparison of alternative ways of closing, lifting hard kick to the door, ignoring their heels may cause wear to paint the car. Closed not because she is carrying something with their feet hands-free air, but because of her switch doors is static electricity during the dry season, and had been afraid of her, no longer afraid to shut the door by hand.

scene four:

an underground car park, the owner Ms came up to his car and did not immediately open the doors, but first use a hand felt the spaces next to the concrete columns, and then came out with a static key chain access door, when small in the keychain lights then goes out, she finally reached out and pulled open the door. Before boarding the MS to do a series of preparatory action, to switch to the fall/winter season of the car very afraid, according to her may have caused mild psychological illness, so long as the idea of metal goods, and my heart is a bit daunting.

these typical scenarios that many owners during the winter dry season is apt to get static electricity problems. Chengdu business reported reporter Advisory has more bit drive of friends, almost are said has was electrostatic electric had of experience, which has many people often was electric, and many women owners are like zhiqian mentioned of Liu Miss, and river ladies as, has on switch door has psychological shadow has, "Although car electrostatic not caused big hurt, but total was shock, can really uncomfortable, and that psychological hinted of fear more than body of pain, it often in you no alert of when to about, let you unprepared. ”

refused to be   both   electrostatic nowhere

and the car all the time living in a static environment, thus eliminating static electricity also requires owners and diligent about it, not only ordinary habits of life to make a few minor changes, can also install smaller equipment for cars or for maintenance, "in and out" comprehensive removal of static electricity.

within the small habits, tips

according to electrostatic of produced factors, personal can from following aspects do up: first as wear pure cotton of clothing, because pure cotton clothes not easy produced electrostatic, or using some clothing compliant agent, can reduced part electrostatic produced, cotton end of shoes grounding capacity than rubber end of of good many, also can help release off body Shang of electrostatic; second, as more water, this is from itself internal prevent electrostatic occurred of better way, can increased skin surface humidity, electrostatic in wet of State Xia is not itself occurred of, But also often use some lotions, skin "drink water"; once again, when driving in winter a lot of people like to use cycle air conditioning, which can make itself very dry and save a little more moisture in the car, causing static, therefore, recommends that the half open window.

develop these habits, you can reduce the risk of electrostatic interference, if accompanied by following these tips, the effect will be better.

before the Elimination of static electricity of human body. For example, before driving to go wash my hands, or put my hand on the wall a wipe to eliminate static electricity. Conditions of time or hands in the car after you put the power to open doors than finger car, hands directly attached to increase contact area and reduced discharge of the discomfort.

instrument panel laid wet towels. The dry season put a wet towel on the instrument table, increased humidity in the vehicle, or sprays, spray some water in the car on a regular basis to increase the humidity in the vehicle, reducing the effect of static electricity in the car. Nice owners, can be directly installed in the car a car humidifier, scheduled to spray water in the car, in order to prevent static electricity.

automobile maintenance and decoration is important

wanted car reduces the electrostatic dust adsorption in autumn and winter, the most simple and direct solution is to wash the car, of course, there are other tricks you can make.

car wax, also one of the effective methods of static, you can select static private car wax when waxing. Stay away from fiber products can reduce the chances of many was shock, because chemical fiber products are prone to static electricity, so to minimize the use of chemical fiber in the car seat covers and mats.

in addition, on the market there are a number of specialized products available to owners of the Elimination of car static option. Chengdu business daily reporter visited the Chengdu auto parts market is aware, is now widely accepted by the users and uses are mainly static, electrostatic discharge key chains, in addition to electrostatic antenna, Antistatic agent, users simply according to their own needs to buy the corresponding product or using a variety of combinations of products, can greatly reduce the chance of being.

in addition to static with easy installation

in addition to static is currently the most used car of static control products, convenient installation, users simply fixed it below the rear end touches the ground, you can release the vehicle's static. The plastic raw materials added metal powder and carbon powder, but the body of static electricity into the underground and, in addition, it also has a nighttime reflective function, and to warn others. However, due to contact with the ground, it wears out quickly, over a period of time needs to be adjusted after installation location, keeping it always in contact with the ground, faster replacement cycle.

digital display static discharge key chains, treasure and easy to carry

both types of products are small, portable, and gently touched the top of the product you need to touch the place, to eliminate static electricity, can be placed in ordinary life by touching the body of static electricity. The principle of such products through its internal diode discharges, will be contacted by electrostatic discharge. But such discharge slower, shorter contact time if possible static electricity has not been discharged, leads are still being attacked by static electricity, and some counterfeits on the market, used to be ineffective.

in addition to practical and decorative as one electrostatic antenna set

in addition to electrostatic antenna was installed on the top of the car except for power equipment, through the wires in the circuit under the dual effect power and carbon resin, electrostatic discharge on the body, and can effectively reduce the body attached to the dust, dirt, reducing audio noise and so on. In addition to electrostatic antenna is very elegant and decorative roof. Need to be aware of is that installation before the dust, dirt, use a neutral detergent to clean.

Antistatic agent fast and easy

owners can also be in the car carpet, dashboard, cloth cover, door handles and other conductive parts using Antistatic agent. When in use, can be directly sprayed on the conductive parts, and then wipe with a dry cloth, not only can prevent static electricity, can effectively reduce the dust and dirt. Antistatic agent in the car on the market price at 50-200 Yuan, the anti-static effect usually last about 10 days.

in addition, the larger automotive maintenance shops also provide static conservation of winter services, electrostatic discharge from the inside out, but the price is higher, ranging from hundreds of thousands of Yuan.