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Car the five advantages of SAG, repair

The original paint is the best. Sheet metal, paint technology, advanced materials, technology, touch up the color will appear. Now, as long as the paint is not peeling, cracking, repair technology of vehicles are available through the friends of SAG zhengjiuruxin. Compared with the traditional sheet metal spray paint, dents repair has great advantages.  

advantages of a repairing effect  

SAG, repair using patented technology and streamlined processes, keeping the paint to their original condition, vehicle maximum retention and reflected the original value.  

while the traditional sheet after sheet metal, Putty and paint, paint and more complex processes such as demolition.  

advantage II short  

repair a SAG of approximately 10-60 minutes. Compared to conventional paint, dents repair construction time is greatly reduced. While the traditional sheet metal painted at least 1-2 days, affecting the normal use of the vehicles.  

advantages of three subsequent effect  

SAG fixed and do not change color, does not fade. While the traditional sheet metal, paint may cause the paint cracks and discoloration.  

advantages of four environmental  

SAG fixed is pollution-free operation, and sheet metal, paint and expelling of waste caused pollution to the environment.  

advantage v, low cost  

sheet metal, paint a site hundreds of Yuan. SAG fixed is much more cost-effective, half the cost of conventional sheet metal, paint.