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Cause and repair of car horn is not loud

Car horn is frequently used when driving device, if used often monosyllabic, poor sound quality, and good times and bad, and sometimes no sound failure, bring a lot of inconvenience to the owner. Related: car horn is not loud or send abnormal sound what should I do? Car speakers how to self-maintenance and routine maintenance the loudspeaker when there is a failure, should distinguish between is a fault or a fault of the speaker itself.  

How does a speaker work first. When you press the Horn button at the steering wheel or other position, flow of current through the circuit from the battery to the solenoid on the horn relay, solenoid attracted the moving contact of the relay switch is on, current will flow to the speaker. Current magnet within the Horn work, so as to make the membrane vibration and sound.  

line main line virtual connection, such as: speaker plug loose terminals, speaker relay contact ablation, steering wheel Horn switch contacts and so on. But in many speaker failure, especially in winter more problematic is the fault of the speaker itself.  

combined with our environment and other factors, failure of the speaker itself mainly for the following reasons:  

1. contact ablation: Long horn to produce Horn contact ablation resistance, flow through the solenoid Coil of the weakened magnetic force decline failed to attract an armature driven normal vibration of the diaphragm, resulting in sounds hoarse, don't even sound. But when Horn is pressed continuously, if momentary high current through the resistance still work, so good times and bad.  

2. sealing porous hygroscopic: while Horn was sealed, but if the seal is not washing the car when fog or interior water vapor in the air, water vapor can easily lead to contact with damp does not work.  

3. solenoid terminal connection is bad: some speakers the internal solenoid wire terminal connectors are aluminum metal rivet connection, reliable non-welded connections, if the end of the wire insulation paint dirty or rivet press cards are easy to generate virtual connection failure, cause the Horn working poor. This type of failure is the speaker quality, cannot be repaired, only replace with new parts.