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Driving tips: seven green driving tips

Tips: stop the Super Jeep   a minute;

when stuck in traffic, or at a red light, the vast majority of owners are hanging in space, pull the hand brake, and then wait. But the data showed that engine idle for 3 minutes in neutral cases consume fuel enough to make the car go 1 km. Because of this, in Europe in order to reduce vehicle emissions, parking stall has been used as a traffic law enforcement immediately.  

Nanning rental live auto experts recommend: traffic lights stop for more than 1 minute, stuck in traffic, idle speed for at least 4 minutes and parking, among others, must remember to turn off. Even if you only 1 minute, restart also more fuel efficient than idling.  

skills II: slow refueling to reduce noise  

according to Zhou introduced: a fierce cheer and the refueling, the same speed, difference in fuel consumption of up to 12 ml per kilometer will cause 0.4 grams of the excess carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, due to urgently accelerate tire noise caused intense friction with the ground pollution is when driving at a constant speed of 7-10, would also make the tire wear increased 70 times, crash risk increased 4.3 times ... ... In addition, bus passengers may feel significant discomfort.  

car rental network in Nanning recommendation: conscious control of his right foot, made it a more "gentle".

skills: speed, Ultra 60, don't open the window  

over the years, all automakers are struggling to reduce vehicles drag coefficient. However, the open window will let manufacturers make these efforts destroyed overnight. Tests show that opened the Windows, wind resistance of the car will increase by at least 30%. Zhou made a metaphor: "imagine the roof sail will be what it's like? Open window effect and it is similar to running at high speed! " 

Nanning rental network recommendations: above 60 km/h or the wind big time, close the window as far as possible traffic.

Tip four: don't call   when driving;

survey results show that the car phone, the driver will subconsciously speed average of 17% and 40% will also increase risk of missed blocks. If the category also included environmental protection, called driving average would be environmentally unfriendly waste driver 7% of the time. In addition, in most cities, driving cell phone gets caught is liable to be penalized, it doesn't pay.  

Nanning rental network proposal: put phone into silent mode when the bus, get off and then call. If the in-car Bluetooth hands-free phone system, it can be considered a convenient choice, but still want to minimize the use of.  

Tip five: after getting off to turn off the appliance  

today, cars with various loads on more and more, makes you feel more comfortable and convenient, while they also unwittingly increasing the people's oil costs. Test results show that the rear electric heaters use 10 hours, vehicle fuel consumption will increase by 1. So, don't think that electricity is not like home on the bus plug-in card at no cost, in fact, the car's power to buy much more expensive than weekday home.  

Nanning rental network proposal: get off, remember to turn off all appliances, radios, air conditioning, heating systems, such as the Windows. Otherwise, the next time when you start the car, they may open automatically.  

Tip six: slow heat loss reduction

typically, many vehicle owners after a cold start, stay idling hot cars. But doing more than 1 minute, the engine will bring the loss of very large. Survey data shows that it not only increases the risk of engine failure of 2.7% and original geothermal to increase 11.3% of carbon dioxide emissions, it is "the manger" Act. Moreover, the original may also make the exhaust pipe of geothermal water from draining away, resulting in exhaust pipe rusts, in serious cases, be corrosion.  

Nanning rental network recommendations: do not need original hot cars. Don't immediately when the vehicle just starts to accelerate, slow for a few minutes, gradually bring the engine to heat up and then uniformly accelerated.  

Tip seven: tire pressure normal fuel 3% 

car tire is like wearing shoes. Imagine to wear slippers while running not only laborious and may also be worn feet. Tire inflation pressure is not sufficient, the same situation can also occur. Data shows that, as long as there is one less cheer 40KPa, the life of the tire by 10,000 km, but also will increase the car's overall fuel consumption of 3%. After the test meets the requirements of the factory tire pressure, fuel consumption about 3.3%. If the tire pressure reducing 30%, when the vehicle is traveling at 40 kilometers an hour, car fuel consumption will increase by 5%-10%.  

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