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Experts teach you how to remove the window after the snow on the ice

Car glass freezes are the main reasons, who after leaving the car, the car still remain hot, makes the glass is still hot, snow fell on the glass melts; in the process of melting snow, interior temperature decreases, the temperature inside the car and outside temperatures are the same, melting snow on the glass starts to freeze. Car hire hundreds of automobile experts suggest the owner of Guangxi, winter deicing, physics and chemistry of ice ice removal can be used two ways, but do not use hot water, as this extremely easy to damage the glass, causing unnecessary losses to the owners.  

1 physical de-icing  

owners can prepare a plastic blade and, of course, also available special glass ice scoop, glass ice shovel more convenient, fast, and not frozen. When there is snow and ice on the glass, use a plastic scraper or glass Frost to eradication. However car hire hundreds of automobile experts remind owners, except when ice and snow, to prevent scratching the glass, plastic or glass Frost scraper shovel scraping back and forth not should be pushing in the same direction.  

2 chemical de-icing  

Nanning rental cars hundreds of automobile experts, currently on the market have a spray to remove ice and snow agent, it is designed for frozen window and wiper speed of thawing ice spray concentrate, does not damage the body surface to prevent icing or make dirty again.  

at the low temperatures below lingxia30℃, you can easily remove snow and ice, at the same time, it prevents the windshield and ice water parts, does not damage the body surface, cleaned the glass clean, without leaving any streaks.  

method 3 to keep the interior temperature outside the car  

addition, Guangxi car rental hundred Ann car Experts recommends owners, in one days with finished car Hou, don't immediately lock car on leave, but will door open ventilation, bus within of temperature fell to and car outside of temperature almost Shi (probably also is one minutes time), then open power, with wiper will wind glass Shang of snow again brush about; then, closed door, lock good car. The next morning, just cleaning the windshield of snow, snow no ice below, can drive right away.  

in addition, sheets newspaper or plastic film on the windshield, can also to some extent to prevent icing on the windshield