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Fuel-efficient driving tips

Teach you a few tricks to drive fuel-efficient tips: next, we come together and have a look.

    1  tire pressure, maintain an appropriate level of  

If tire pressure is too low will be much better than gas, so check tire pressure often. Comply with the requirements of the tire pressure, fuel consumption can be reduced by 3.3%.  

2  gives you the vehicles lightening  

heavy vehicle driving is much more gas. So try to empty suitcases, not when storage trunk, unnecessary things not piled up inside the vehicle.  

don't drive too fast   3 ;

Park slam on the accelerator started, pushed hard on the brakes or sudden acceleration which would increase fuel consumption.  

4  as far as high  

low block will consume more energy, so when driving a manual transmission car speed steady down time into high gear while driving mode when automatic transmission car.  

5  cruise  

Select cruise control on flat surface can be fuel purposes, but this method is not in steep terrain is the most economical way.  

6  keep your vehicle clean  

regular washing and waxing the car can reduce air resistance and thus can improve fuel economy.  

7  avoid the idling bus captains  

vehicle engine idling consumes fuel. If possible, stop waiting for the engine as possible and not let it go.  

  8  to minimize the use of air conditioning;

air conditioning can consume a lot of fuel. Open Windows on both sides can reduce air resistance, it should open the window in case of traffic jams slow, while traveling at high speed when the air conditioning. (Open Windows increase drag when running at high speed)  

accelerated after warm-up in 9   

low temperature operation than engines run more gas when the temperature rises, so just don't speed when activated but rather slow speed after the engine to warm up for a few minutes.