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Secret fuel-efficient tricks! Introduction truly driving a fuel-efficient method

Despite high oil prices, while gasoline is still more than any other existing alternative fuels are relatively cheap and easy circumstances, can only grit your teeth and continue to use, whenever oil prices rise there will be many topics discussed in various media on fuel, mostly just at best unrealistic fuel-efficient way to is to tell the reader audiences.

reduce throttle to avoid acute speed, reduce air-conditioning use, reduce vehicle load ... ,&Nbsp; such as these are at best remind used a car had some basic knowledge of secrets,  how to? Can reduce throttle to avoid nasty accelerated already have done so, in particular, to reduce the use of air-conditioning in the summer, that really is not simple. Therefore, we are looking for fuel-efficient tips, of course, is in the original car environment seek solutions to reduce fuel consumption.

but in fact only the scientific method is "true" in order to reduce fuel consumption. One has just finished running (15000Km), and adjusted properly the vehicle efficiency is best, that is the most fuel efficient, he was able to fuel converted into maximum power output of each unit. With using time elongated, mileage number increased, and valve and valve seat of wear, and piston ring and cylinder wall of wear, led to pressure declined and directly effect engine output, spray nozzle, and throttle door gradually cumulative of oil hinder has oil and gas of normal atomization and the mixed, directly effect has burning effectiveness, these phenomenon of occurred led to to stepped on deeper of throttle to reached original of power, conclusion is consumption more of gasoline.

to terminate such factors fuel   (this usually only happens when the old car   new car belonging to mechanical abrasion within, the most fuel-efficient), ruled out the reason for fuel consumption, between the valve and valve seat wear and wear between the piston rings and cylinder walls ... Part due to consumption of large,  belonging to engine rebuilding.

"engine rebuild", with the re-polished valve seat cylinder surfaces, replacement of new oversize piston valve, making it again as a new vehicle fit, but because the engine needs to completely decompose, consume time, money, and generally do not do this just to save oil. Left to do is clean the intake system, such as adding strong efficiency fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank, use a foam carburetor cleaner to clean the throttle and all around, finally replaced all spark plugs and power lines, so your engine efficiency and move closer to the new car.

parts in the original case, creating the fuel conditions it is impossible, but always keep the engine at best practical.