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Temperature dropped cold weather five not forgetting the car State

  The cold came, the temperature began to fall, the weather is getting cooler, for cars, and stand the test of low temperature. If you want to make your car work best, after the winter, do pay attention to the following five "don't forget".  

1, do not forget to regularly check the tire  

car tire rubber is the main material. Fall rubber hard and brittle, not only will reduce the coefficient of friction and less air leakage, bar tires. Note always check the tyres for visible injury, scratch and tire pressure if standard inclusions within the clear tread, tread such as NSIs must fix, try to avoid using a tire patched several times and, if necessary, change if excessive tread wear or aging, serious cracks, should also change a tire in a timely manner. Because during the winter months when bad weather such as rain, snow, need tires very good grip.  

2, do not forget to always open the air conditioning  

after autumn, air-conditioned car less, due to the refrigerant in the air conditioner stops working after water combined with the refrigeration system separating, generating a corrosive acid, corrosion of evaporator, condenser and other metal parts. After a summer of use, will remain more dust in the air-conditioning duct, coupled with the summer humidity, will result in more humid inside the duct, it breeds a lot of mildew. Recommended for cleaning air conditioning, or wait until the winter cannot open the window for a long time, will certainly affect the indoor air quality, may also cause respiratory diseases. Air conditioning after a long downtime would also make the compressor oil sealed dry adhesion, so it is best 10-15 day starts ...  

3, do not forget to check the replacement antifreeze  

in summer, many drivers get used to add tap water instead of antifreeze to the tank, but the cooler weather in the fall, especially in late autumn, when cold air coming temperature drop, is likely to affect car cooling systems work properly. Now it should be noted that the antifreeze. Antifreeze replacement cycle for two to three years, or three to 40,000 km, the normal freezing point is lingxia35sheshidu, the boiling point at about 135 degrees. Suggest the owner as soon as possible to the 4S shop check antifreeze's freezing point, if not standard to replace the antifreeze in a timely manner. Reminds you to add antifreeze to the engine cooling system is clean before.  

4, do not forget to replace the antifreeze water glass  

summer is not antifreeze using a glass of water, and some water instead of the glass of water. But as the weather turns cold, be sure to replace special protective glass water in winter. Because the windshield cleaning relates to the driver's vision and driving safety, so choose glass water must not be careless. Qualified glass of water should have cleaning and antifreeze, antifreeze good glass water glass in the winter the water freezes and serious on a glass water bottle pump motor burned to the ground. Some glass water currently on the market with rapid snow melting, ice melting and anti glare, anti fog, anti-static properties.

5, do not forget to check the oil type

in winter choose oil viscosity should be as small as possible, but must be determined according to the local weather and car level. Limousines in oil must be based on the manufacturers material guidelines to select, is not free to use. 5W/40 oil 15W/40 oil viscosity at low temperatures lower, compared with easier cold starts in the moment for the engine to provide protection. If you select the oil viscosity is too high, could have a difficult cold start of the engine cold start wear. Usually in winter in Beijing can meet the requirements of 10W/40. Finally, riders are advised to use the original oil, because the engine manufacturing process is different for each engine manufacturer, factory specified oil through n-test selected.