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The several ways to reduce tire wear

Experts say car upgrade costs, forcing people to not let any savings details. In tire is actually quite account for the cost of supplies, 4 tires worth thousands of Yuan, if abnormal loss caused by abuse, on the owner's wallet but great blow! plus international tyre market's recent volatility, give tyre price movements also produces anxiety. We cannot control the tire prices and, therefore, how to reduce tire wear, tire maximum service life, is the owner who must master the knowledge. Driving method and tire wear has much to do. Good, skillful driving technique can reduce tire wear, extend tire life and improve driving safety. Nanning rental cars hundreds below an Jin automotive expert as we summarize a couple of tips to reduce tire wear.  

avoiding brake  

started not had slammed, to avoid frequently using brake and emergency brake, so as not to for tire and ground towing and accelerated tire surface wear; in turn passing, and overtaking, and through cross junction, and narrow road, and railway crossing, lots Shi, should master appropriate of speed and to note road, and pedestrian, and vehicles dynamic, do brake prepared, reduced frequently brake, avoid emergency brake, to reduced tire wear; faced cannot avoid of broken glass or other foreign body Shi, to deceleration through, do don't brakes, Increasing pressure due to brakes, glass debris and foreign objects more easily into the tire.  

selecting pavement  

in highway maintenance construction lots lane Shi, application speed swift select road of approach through, avoid tire by excessive touch hit, even was stabbed or designated injury; in rugged of road Shang Lane, a to select road, reduce tire and road of touch hit, avoid parts and the tire of damaged; II to deceleration swift, avoid tire bumps and strongly vibration; through muddy lots, should select more solid, and not sliding of place through, so as not to tire settlement, and place idling, and dramatic health hot caused tire and the tire side serious cut injury, and designated injury.  

speed control  

vehicles turn should according to corners road, and turn RADIUS, General to appropriate deceleration, so as not to due to inertia force and centrifugal force of role, accelerated unilateral tire wear; vehicles downhill, should according to slope of size, and length and the road situation, control appropriate of speed, such can avoid or less with emergency brake, reduced tire wear; vehicles in driving way parking and station parking, should habit security glide of habits.

check the spare tire  

in tire maintenance and use, and don't forget the most important thing---one tire spare tire. Spare tires are factory-equipped with, but often forgotten by owners and lack of maintenance. Suggest that you regularly check the reserve tires every 3 months, if necessary, also to inflate it, so that when you need it, only to find that it was flat.  

attention wear  

most people do not know, in fact, wear is a basic indicator of the tire, unlike its dimensions, load and speed rating is, wear index has not been identified to the tire shoulder, perhaps because of abrasion index does not like these other indicators that would directly affect the installation, or a direct threat to its security. But the owners of the Internet or through other means to understand tire wear index this indicator, for you to choose a durable tire should be able to play the role of reference.

     pressure standard  

driver according to the depot to tire inflation. When tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the tire shoulder wear a sharp increase; when tire pressure is higher than the standard value, due to reduced tire, pressure, increased central tire tread wear and increased tyre rigidity, dynamic loading on wheel load increases, prone to tire burst.  

tread no crack  

regularly check the tire defects such as cracks, deformation of the surface. Groove because of the wear and tear of the tyres gradually becomes shallow, if worn drainage anti-skid effect will be lost, vehicle performance will be greatly reduced, and seemingly small cracks is speeding up to a flat tire hazards. Also, note of the clear pockets of gravel.  

stop selected flat  

avoid parking in a rough, sharp or sharp stones on the road. Vehicle not parked in close proximity to or in contact with petroleum products, acids and other implications where materials for rubber deterioration. Driver not in the car after you turn the steering wheel, such operations will accelerate tire wear.  

cooling water  

tires in the summer time or easily overheat when running at high speed, and increased pressure. Should stop cooling at this time, no gas pressure or water cooling to prevent abnormal ageing of the rubber tread.