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Winter car comprehensive summary notes

Replace the special glass of water   in the winter;

some owners that the wiper does not spray water, experts say, much of this is due to vehicle owners to buy a car in the summer or in the use of glass in the summer water or plain water as a result of icing. Must for winter special Frost glass water in winter.  

car winter morning is not easy, and Nanning rental cars hundreds an Jin auto experts believe that most of this failure is the result of excessive carbon deposition in the intake, intake valve and other parts too dirty. Winter car to about 20,000 km or 1 owner clean car full throttle could very well prevent the occurrence of such situations.  

replacement of winter for oil  

car is not easy in addition to the above cases, there is the oil of choice. Low winter temperatures, the viscosity of oil will change, so that the engine resistance increases. This creates difficulty in starting the car in the winter cold, and engine at startup caused by wear and tear is usually twice. In the winter months should choose oil with high viscosity index, because of high viscosity index, viscosity change with temperature is smaller, can provide better protection for vehicles.  

wiper freezes do  

If I went out in the morning snow wiper was stuck on the windshield, never direct wash with hot water, so easy to make Windows burst because of temperature changes, wiper deformation. Correct method is to leave your air conditioning hot air, hair dryer, model for the front windshield, wiper naturally opened.  

attention to Keyhole waterproof winter  

If the lock was frozen after the snow, the experts recommended key with a lighter roast, and then insert the lock, lock the heart good after thawing to prevent lock freeze the most fundamental solution is in car wash attention to Keyhole waterproof.  

attention to wash cars after snow  

after some car owners to reflect the snow paint wash surface less shiny. Nanning rental cars hundreds an Jin auto experts advise car owners to wash after the snow had stopped the car in time, because with the city pollution has serious corrosion of impurities in the snow more damage to vehicles is also very serious. Even if the weather forecast and snow within the next few days, don't drag not able to clean the car.