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Winter car tips

For cars is difficult to maintain the same winter and summer, a little attention would hurt their car. And this year will be very cold in the winter

windshield anti-fog

the cold climate in winter, and the first hit is the windshield of the vehicle. But will maintain clear windscreen are basic requirements for safe driving. Winter be sure to regularly clean the wiper to ensure rain and snow blown windshield. Also should focus on the relevant heating devices, such as windshields, side window air outlet, rear window heating, etc, so that it is in good condition.

brake system debug

experienced owner, in the winter, first adjust the four tire adhesion on the ground so that it is consistent to prevent sideslip by slippery road. Then check the brake system, check the hand brake, the requirement is that the handle the moment, lock blocks the sound of no more than three times, if it reaches five shows the hand brake clearance is too large, needs to stop technicians adjusted.

Add a suitable antifreeze

as temperatures fall in winter and summer the water acts as a coolant, this absolutely is not feasible, if you continue to use tap water as a cooling medium, as nighttime temperatures fall, the water would freeze expansion, even cracking the tank, destroying cooling system to work properly, so that in the winter need to add antifreeze to the tank to ensure normal operation of the cooling system.

engine anti-cold wind

some car owners must be wondering, engines run hot, what to say to the wind-cold-proof? Engine maintenance during the winter months, when the key is in the engine and starts. In the winter, because the temperature is too low, the increased viscosity of the oil, causing resistance becomes large, the cold start of the engine became very difficult. To avoid this situation, the only heat the engine, do not let the cold wind blow directly into the engine compartment. So, when parking in the winter, we need to head to the building, using buildings to wind, and prevent the engine from being a cold wind blowing cold. Parking during the day, you can head to the rising sun, the Sun can shine on the front, helping the engine to heat up, so that starts much easier.

check the battery and battery cables condition

do not think that it is only in the heat of the summer circuit of aging problem would only occur in cold climates, any battery power will decline. Therefore, ensure the battery maintains sufficient power to enable engine boots in the winter.

winter maintenance should pay attention to what details? First of all, before implementing a check, be sure to stop put out the engine, and turn off all attached devices, first open the ground wire, check installation before finally connecting the ground wire. When you check first to see if battery corrosion. If the battery had corrosion, use warm soda cleaned it. Then, in external battery pile head covered with grease to prevent further corrosion. In addition, check that the head is loose, if you loose, you lock the mounting nuts, but do not lock tight. Finally, don't overlook the small details, and check whether the retaining clips loose, if any, the locking clips, battery fixation. Remember not to over tighten, otherwise you may damage the battery casing.

replacement of proper viscosity of oil

If the engine still in summer in winter oil, starting difficult problems will arise in the winter, so in winter slightly lower viscosity oil should be replaced to ensure normal engine operation.

winter maintenance tire notes

in the cold winter, tire rubber will harden from the other quarter, even if the car is equipped with all-season tires, but freezing wet pavement tire grip will be tested. Therefore, winter tire maintenance would then become the top priority of all maintenance.