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Winter maintenance strategy: to keep "strong heart" is the key

The advent of winter, maintenance and use of the car entered a crucial period, especially in the cold and foggy city of Chengdu, cars are likely to suffer from "winter", friends with cars how to car "tonic"? Hot questions from readers, the Grand launch of winter car maintenance tips, body, tires, engine, chassis, Interior, and so on, to provide vehicle owners with comprehensive knowledge of maintenance and repair work.  

engine is the heart of the car, its winter maintenance is very important. This car 114 section will first talk about the care and maintenance of the engine problems. Experts advise owners, engine maintenance in winter, selection of high end synthetic lubricants, replace the antifreeze in a timely manner is essential.

reduce wear and tear-proof "heart failure"

key point: selection of high end synthetic lubricants

engine is the heart of the automobile, lubricant and engine maintenance a top priority, when winter comes, lubricant viscosity may cause the temperature decrease and the phenomenon of liquidity, thus mechanical movement friction increases often lead to difficult cold start when the car starts, even burning, hold shaft accident. Experts explained that every cold start wear caused by the engine, is equivalent to the usual degree traveling 150 km as it accumulates. When the damage accumulated to a certain extent, car "heart" not normal wear occurs early, and even "congestive heart failure, died young."

so, Experts recommends, winter season, lubricants from oil slot injected engine Shi, speed must to fast, so best select viscosity low, and has excellent low temperature liquidity of high-end full synthesis lubricants, it can in moments quickly reached engine internal of all corner, on need lubrication of parts formed oil film protection, effective reduced wear, and keep smooth of engine started and full of power output, even in lingxiaersanshidu of low temperature Xia, also can to engine provides best of protection.

beware of freeze-proof "obstruction of the heart"

key point: replace the antifreeze in a timely manner

according to experts, if the concentration of antifreeze in engine cooling water is too low, engine, the water will freeze, causing vehicle cannot be started in the morning. Therefore, we need to increase the concentration of antifreeze, and generally remain in 70% can be made. Experts told reporters, even in the South, also needs to increase the concentration of antifreeze, usually adding a bottle, you need to add two bottles, generally not more than 50%. In this way, both in Chengdu, drive to the frozen North, worry will not catch fire. However, experts advise owners should pay attention to different brands and different types of product, do not mix, also depending on the model selection of regular brands of antifreeze, if poor quality antifreeze, not only makes the water temperature, but also corrode the engine.

in addition, degrees Celsius below zero in the winter frost glass water in winter should be replaced in the environment, because it will not freeze. Should also prepare a piece of soft cloth wipe attached to the windshield of the water at any time to prevent ice and frost winter fog, low visibility, rear-end accidents is particularly high, so high brake lights working properly is also winter driving safety.

keep warm against "tracheal inflammation"

key point: timed activation of air conditioning system

winter is coming, warm season, heating system to stop using for a long time, also failed, so experts advise owners friends, first try to see if there are any hot air, fan running any abnormal sound, duct patency. Sometimes encountered warm water in the antifreeze does not flow for a long time, frozen block circulation line, though without affecting the traffic, maintenance is very troublesome. Experts caution, there are issues that must be to repair in a timely manner, so that the car can safely pass the winter. If the owner does not like hot air, it must air at least once a month, because the compressor lubricating oil will settle over a long period, start the activation you can extend the service life.